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The Vanko Project

Sep 17, 2019

In Episode18, I had Interviewed Samantha Smith a life and Mindset coach, blogger, and yoga Instructor. After graduating from The Ohio State University Samantha Packed up her suit case and left for Europe for a new life and to find her purpose. Along the way she found her passion for blogging and coaching women to create...

Sep 12, 2019

Today I Interviewed Matt Weber a Digital Marketing Expert and Grow With Google Speaker. Matt is also the CEO and President of ROAR Internet Marketing and has helped thousands of entrepreneurs grow their business online. You can Follow me on

Sep 3, 2019

In this Episode of The Vanko X Project, I interviewed JB Spisso a Leadership and Culture Expert. JB is a military veteran of the United States Army with 26 years of Service. He Also spent ten years in Special Operations with the Elite 75th Ranger Regiment. He retired as a Sergeant Major, the highest most respected...